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Health Education East of England

Health Education East of England (HEEoE) is the Local Education and Training Board that covers Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. Formally Established on 1 April 2013 as a subcommittee of Health Education England, HEEoE's aim is to ensure the security of workforce supply and continuously to improve the quality of education, training and development in the east of England. We also aim to enable the health and care workforce to respond effectively to the needs of patients, carers and families.

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East of England on show at the Sally Hernando Award for Innovation in NHS Library and Knowledge Services

As part of the self-assessment process for the¬†NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework¬†(LQAF), service managers are asked to identify examples of the four categories of innovation (Marketing, Organisational, Process and Product Innovation) within their service. This year HEEoE submitted 6 entries to be judged and 2 entries as initiatives to share and the result is highlighted […]

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Offering nurses across Norfolk and Suffolk a chance to return to the NHS

It has never been simpler for a nurse to return to practice thanks to Health Education England and their work to develop a programme to help former nurses to refresh their skills and be ready to come back to a rewarding career in the NHS. If you are interested in returning to practice, Health Education […]

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Dr Jonathan Waller appointed Postgraduate Dean for east of England

Dr Jonathan Waller has been appointed Postgraduate Dean for Health Education East of England (HEEoE) to provide clinical leadership and support over the next 3-6 month period. Jonathan brings a wealth of experience to the role, has a background in respiratory medicine, and has held the role of Deputy Postgraduate Dean (Head of Education and […]

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